All Star Cheer Teams

All Star Cheer is a competition sport that involves boys and girls performing a 2 minute and 30 second routine composed of tumbling (gymnastics), stunting (groups of athletes elevating other athletes), pyramids (combinations of attached stunts), dance, and cheer segments. This routine is performed and scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions. Dedication to the sport, a commitment to hours of practice each week, and being a team player are all fundamentals of cheering for an All Star team.



Become a Langley Gem!

Langley Cheer has a team for everyone from ages 3 – 40 and beginner to advanced.

The foundation of our competitive program will be built on training, fitness and regular competition. Langley Cheer & Athletics sole focus is on team development, individual skill advancement and the development of the athlete as a whole. Teams will compete in several local competitions throughout the season and one travel competition per year.

All star cheer not only works on building strong physical athletes while having fun it helps develop confidence, life long friendships, team work and dedication!

Team Placements

Our competitive season runs from May РApril.  Placements are for our competitive cheer teams and they happen each May. There are no pre-requisite skills required to attend team placements as all athletes who attend a placement session will be placed on a competitive cheer team. All of our competitive teams are formed the week after try outs and you will be notified by email as to which team your child was placed on. Your athlete can request a team to be placed on but we make no commitment until teams are being put together by the coaches. Try outs are easy going and done in a fun environment and everything your athletes needs to know will be taught during then.

Aligned with the USASF standards our staff will ensure each athlete is placed on a team in which their skills will match the rest of the team, ensuring each team and athlete is set up for a successful season. Athletes that perform all required skills with good technique will be placed on the appropriate level team. Coaches not only look at individual skills as well as what would be best for an entire team. Trust that the coaching staff is doing what is best for every athlete, each team and the entire program.

Please note that skills do not guarantee a position on any particular team. Coaches will consider not only the skill level of the athlete but past attitude and commitment levels. Coaches may also move athletes whose skills are not entirely at level in order to fill the needs of a team.

For more information on becoming a GEM call us at 604-510-2220 or email [email protected]