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Parkour is a method of physical training that develops one’s ability to overcome obstacles (both physical and mental). Parkour is essentially the art of getting from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible. It is driven by a philosophy of altruism, useful strength, longevity, self-improvement and self-understanding. With our custom built equipment the Parkour classes will teach the fundamentals of this sportĀ in a safe and structured environment. We offer Parkour classes for all ages and abilities.


Parkour Class Information:

Level One:

In these classes athletes will learn the essentials needed to learning Parkour and set a foundation to learn more complex movements and experiment with movement safely on their own. Athletes will learn to safely jump, land, roll, and strengthen their basic motor functions in a fun and safe environment.

Level Two:

Athletes must have completed Level 1 to move in to this level. Level 2 will continue the fundamentals of Parkour that were learned in Level 1. Athletes will build their skills up to an advanced level, promoting high level of physical fitness and emphasizing the relationship between the two. This class is intended for dedicated practitioners looking to make serious improvements in their ability and strength. It focuses on physical conditioning, flow training to connect moves and speed courses. Athletes will learn more advanced movements and push basic movements learned in level one to more difficult situations.

Level Three:

This is our highest level of Parkour instruction. This is for the serious and enthusiastic practitioners who have shown an ability co complete basic and advanced movements safely in all aspects of the intermediate level and are looking to push their Parkour to the next level. Athletes must have completed level 1 and 2 to be moved onto this class.

If you have previous Parkour experience, book a free assessment today with one of our Parkour coaches by calling 604-510-2220 or email us at [email protected]

Classes are broken up into these different age groups:

Tiny’s Ages 3 & 4 years old

Mini’s Ages 5 & 6 years old

Youth Ages 7 – 9 years old

Junior Ages 10 – 12 years old

Senior Ages 13 – 15

Adult Ages 15+