We’re thrilled you’ve stopped by and look forward to the opportunity to meet you and hopefully have a positive impact upon your children and your family.

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Open to everyone! Whether in Dance, Cheer, Parkour, Soccer, etc. at Langley Cheer & Athletics we offer a  class schedule for all athletes. Our tumbling classes are geared towards individual development.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Decide which level your child is by taking a look at our different levels below. If you’re still not sure, call us today for a free assessment.
  1. Look at the schedule here. TUMBLING SCHEDULE
  •  $80 + tax due on the first of each month
  • Annual membership fee due upon registration – $40 + tax Valid until August 2022
  1. Register either online at the parent portal here ,  call us at  604-510-2220,   or email info@langleycheer.com
  2. Start Tumbling


Tumbling Level 1: Forward & backward rolls, handstand roll, cartwheel, round-off, front & back walkovers

Tumbling Level 2: Front handspring, round-off back handspring, standing back handspring, multiple back handsprings

Tumbling Level 3: Round-off back tuck, round-off back handspring back tuck, advanced jump to back handspring and multiple back handsprings.

Tumbling Level 4: Standing back tucks, running front tuck step-outs, layouts, standing back handspring series to tuck, toe touch back handspring back tuck.

Tumbling Level 5: Layout full, layout double full, standing back handspring series to full, advanced jump to tuck combinations

Check out clinics at www.langleycheer.com/lca-clinics



When you walk into the LCA gym, you feel part of an amazing family! Coach Nikole exhibits quiet confidence that makes you instantly trust her judgment and knowledge. We love this place!

LCA Cheer Mom

I love everything about this gym. The coaches are hands-on and encouraging, and my girls are so excited to go every time. They have both picked up a lot of skills really quickly and are so happy with their progress. I would recommend Langley Cheer & Athletics to anyone who wants their child to learn and exercise in a fun and encouraging environment.

L. Baldwin

Our Family has been part of LCA since it’s opening in year one! Our 3 daughters are currently in cheer from levels Tiny through to Open 5, and our son is in Parkour. We are extremely happy with the coaching they receive and the culture they are immersed in. We’ve found it to be a positive and empowering environment for our children to be in.

J. Krist

Langley cheer is not just a cheer gym, it’s a cheer family! Both my daughters have trained there for almost five years and my son has attended parkour there. I highly recommend the coaches and programs at Langley cheer!

Carli Jackson

Finding Langley Cheer was a blessing. My daughter could never seem to find her ‘thing’ and trust me we tried EVERYTHING! She decided to try cheerleading and it has been such a godsend in her life. The owners, the amazing coaches, the friendships and the lifelong bonds that are created are like nothing else. She has been cheering now for 6 years and not only is she such a strong athlete but it has created the most amazing memories and experiences for her. Langley cheer is not just a cheerleading and parkour studio, it truly is a community and our second family.

Kelly Peever

My daughter has been attending LCA for almost two years. The owners and the coaches are amazing. They don’t just coach the girls, they care so much about them. My daughter has come such a long way in her skills and confidence since joining LCA. I love being a part of the LCA family.

B. Hehar