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New to Langley Cheer for Season 8

Flyer and Stretch Class

For those who are interested in being a top (flyer) for the 2021-2022 season you will be asked to attend our weekly Flyer and Stretch Class. This class is open to everyone but will focus mainly on flexibility and body positions. This 1 hour class will run weekly in the summer months as well as in the fall.

Level 1.5 Tumbling

This class is for those who have already mastered the basics of Level 1 and are really focusing on Front and Back Walkovers. This class will be for those who want to become more consistent with their walkovers or wanting to learn how to connect them. This is the class for those who already have great rolls, strong handstands, cartwheels and roundoffs.

Level 3 Development Program

Ever wanted to be on a Level 3 team? Did not have the skills or maybe you didn’t meet the age bracket? Then this program is for you! This program is for those who are serious about pushing your Level 3 skills. Being in this program you will learn all the tumbling, jumps and stunting* skills needed to be successful in Level 3 and so much more. This “team” will practice 2 hours once a week in addition to your regular practice times at Langley Cheer. This “team” will not be competing Level 3 in the 2021- 2022 season but will prepare you to be a confident and consistent Level 3 athlete. This program/”team” is tryout and invite only. You will need to have mastered your Level 2 skills. * once restrictions lift *

Worlds Development Program

Do you think you have what it takes to go to Worlds? Are you interested in pushing your skills and intensify your training? Come train with our Worlds athletes and Worlds team coaches. During this program you will be training with Chrome athletes and coaches. Come September if you have what it takes you will be placed on one of our Worlds teams. Once you have made our Worlds program you will EARN your BLACK SHOES!! This program will be tryout or invite only. For those who may not make the Worlds team come September we will continue to practice once a week to help you prepare for next season.